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a 5-day intensive online workshop 

i'm on a mission to help you align your purpose to your ideal clients

It was only when I mapped out my ideal client that I started to notice a change in my business. I began to book the right clients rather than the "kinda" right clients-- and our profits soared.

You know the type of clients you WANT to work with, but you just can't seem to get in front of them.

You'd love to STOP SAYING YES to every potential client who walks through your inbox-- because, let's face it, some headaches really aren't worth the money.

You want your clients to truly appreciate and TRUST the service or product that you offer BEFORE they have a chance to speak with you.

You want your business to HELP and SERVE the RIGHT people, who align with your core values, mission and purpose.

There was a time in my business where I was in the exact same spot you're in now.

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I've created an in-depth, 5-day online workshop that will help you define your ideal clients so your business can be more profitable and connected with your purpose.

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I want that for you, my friend. I want you to create strategies that are intentional and I want your business to be guided by your purpose.